Monday, September 5, 2011

damn headaches


we're switching more these days. it's not bad because the older girls are finally doing some writing again, and the younger ones are getting some time to just be, you know? but the headaches. these are the worst. can't take the imitrex because the sunburn's still there. i wonder if any of the ppl prescribing this stuff for migraines knows about what happens if you take it with a sunburn. G*d! it took 3 hours for my back to stop feeling like it was in flames the other day. i can't imagine how bad it would be for someone who feels pain like a 'normal' person.

it's hard to function and focus when the switching headache is bad. i could try doing some trance work but i'd probably fall asleep. with all the kids home and c------ at work, napping isn't wise. besides, i only got half the kitchen mopped and there's about 10 loads of laundry still waiting to be washed.

i want to go back to the sidetracked home executive method, with the 3x5 cards, but can't focus long enough to get it put back together and redone. read the other day that adults with ADD have the same problems with organization and getting things accomplished. at least we're not alone in this. some days i feel like a crappy wife and mother because there just doesn't seem to be time or energy enough to keep up with everything.

reese, stephanie and i need to find a way to cooperate with the housework. reese is so meticulous, one room can take days and stephanie hates having the kids underfoot undoing everything as she works. maybe between the three of us we can divide up the work so that our strengths can pull together?

see l-- on monday then she's going out of town for 10 days. dr c will be here but he's not been answering his pages so if we run into a crisis, i'm not sure how we'll handle it.

the assignment from l-- is a bit of a concern. the timeline itself isn't too big a deal, tho we've always gotten stuck and triggered when we try to chronicle certain events. the big thing is that she wants both the bad and the good in hopes the good can ease the pain of the rest. well bad news l--. there's barely enough good to remember from most years to be worth the effort, and the other years are still a blank. don't know if i even want to remember them just yet. we're damn near over our head in what we KNOW happened.

don't want this diary to turn into repeated bitch and moan sessions but i have to admit that putting it here keeps it from leaking out on my loved ones. i've not been so easily overwhelmed the last few days, even with the stuff that's waiting to be dealt with in this head.

now, do we have enough caffine in the house to help this headache some???