Monday, September 12, 2011

Insanity quiz

Insanity quiz 6/22/2002
1.Have you ever taken goggles into the shower with you? Ummm nope
2.Have you ever stared at the blobs in a lava lamp for more than an hour? Yes
3. Do you feel bad for a spider when someone steps on it? Nope
4. Have you ever wondered why M&M's are the color they are? nope
5. Did you memorize how to spell supercalafragilisticexpealedocious? yup
6. Do you know the names of all the American presidents? hhuh? Who?
7. Do you still wonder if Elvis is alive? He’s a relative of hubby’s. it’s a family conspiracy, we’re helping him hide.
8. Have you ever tried to jump off the roof of your house? Yup. Succeeded too
9. Do you own a Chia-pet? nope
10. Do you consider all blondes to be dumb? nope
11. Do you have 0 TV's in your house? nope
12. Do you have more than 10 pets living in your house? If fish count, yeah
13. Is your favorite movie of all time rated G? yup
14. Do you have an Atari system in your house? nope
15. Do you buy more than 5 cd's a week? Not lately
16. Is your favorite color tangerine? nope
17. Is your favorite food turtle soup? Nah, he’s too cute to eat
18. Do you spend more time in your house than you do with your friends? Yeah, so? If I leave the penguins will find me again!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!
19. Have you ever watched an entire episode of the teletubbies? They scare the hell out of me, but yes
20. Did you ever have an imaginary friend when you were little? Still do
21. Do you ever talk to yourself? OMG all the f*cking time!!!!
22. Do you sing in the shower? Best acoustics in the house
23. Do you have more than 5 body piercings? Yup
24. Do you have hidden video cameras in your house? Not anymore
25. Did you ever think that the government was spying on you? They have dammit!!!
26. Do you cover yourself in tin-foil, and put coat hangers on the ceiling? Nope, gives me a rash
27. Do you make things out of dollar bills when you are bored at the lunch table? Yup but I don’t got to school so no lunch table
28. Have you ever won a contest in which you had to guess "How many jellybeans are in the jar"? nope
29. Have you ever trash picked? Yeah, Dad used to take us dumpster diving. oh the joy
30. Can you fling stuff out of your nose? Yes, but not usually on purpose
31. Do you know the meaning of life? Yes, it’s 42
32. Have you ever picked on someone smaller than you, just because you thought it would be funny? You mean like short ppl? Hell yes. It’s hard to find ppl shorter than me, gotta take advantage of it,
33. Do you count down the amount of days left in the school year? yup
34. Do you often see things that aren't really there? yup
35. Do you see dead people? Only in the funeral parlor
36. Is this a yes or no question? I give up? Which is it?
37. Have you ever worn clothes that belonged to someone else? Yup
38. Do you enjoy tight clothing? As long as I can still breathe in it
39. Have you ever gone a whole week without brushing your teeth? yup
40. Do you sleep with the lights on? yeah
41. Do you consider money to be a form of evil? Nope, it’s the LOVE of money dopey
42. Have you ever played bloody knuckles? Yup
43. Have you ever had the urge to have a pickle and peanut butter sandwich? Nope, thank g*d
44. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? *sheepishly hiding face* I still love you mr. Clendaniel!
45. Do you believe fairy tales do come true? yup
46. Do you enjoy using yo-yo's? yup
47. Do you believe in superstition? I believe it exists but not in participating
48. Do you like DIET soda? Gag
49. Do you watch cartoon shows every day? yeah
50. Do you read books for fun? Duh, no it’s a form of self-torture

okay, 2% times number of yes answers.....

*drum roll please*

60%... maybe our shrink could just use this and save himself time... LOL