Monday, September 5, 2011

it'd be funny if it weren't so weird


okay, so here i am on a saturday, with too much to do and too much going on inside. when i'd done all the housework my back could handle, and stephanie had done all the writing our emotions could handle, i figured the littles could do with some time out.

i know how much the kids adore the littles. R and J especially. everytime they see amelia they smother her in hugs and kisses. it's sweet, but she just wants to play. part of her function or purpose is to be the 'normal' little girl i never got to be.
R, i know, understands enough about multiplicity to know that i/we were hurt pretty badly as a child and that's one of the reasons for amelia being a separate part of mommy. i think that's part of the reason she's so overly attentive to her. still, C and i try to explain that they need to treat her like any other 6 year old. let's face it. she's a 6 year old in mommy's body. i guess it's just a little hard to pretend 'normal'.

J thinks she's the coolest playmate and his best friend. plus he's figured out that what mommy says no to, amelia might just say yes to. we've even had to do some limit setting because they were getting into trouble together. more than once this past week alone he's put his little hands on his hips and stomped a foot while demanding to "talk to 'melia" when he didn't get the answer he wanted from me.

there's more to write but the kiddles are in bed (mostly) and K is waiting for me so we can run to wally world and we can shop in relative peace. i'll add to this later...