Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Not All Bad


This is for you Lyn, some good memories to go with the bad.
1975? I was reminded of this reading someone’s entry about the best movie ever. I remember pulling taffy in the kitchen while watching “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory”. It was one of Dad's loving father nights. One of those times when he was being the parent he deep down wanted to be. A sober night. A gentle night filled with laughter instead of rage. There’s nothing better than being 6 years old and being invited into sweet, sticky, messy, candy making fun. Most of the seven of us children (before my younger brother and sister) jammed into the kitchen together enjoying a very special treat.
All my kids love this movie too. It’s one of those special childhood things I’ve gotten to share with them.

1978? I remember lying draped over the end of my bed with Chris slouching in my chair while we watched Willy Wonka. We were in my room and sharing the memories of the taffy. We enjoyed a rare moment of feeling wanted and a part of something. It was nice sharing the fun of imagining what adventures and tummy aches we'd have if there were a world such as that. Dreaming of our own golden ticket.

Marisa and Someone Small and Smiling.