Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Lighter Side


-When we go to the movies, we get 10 people in for the price of 1.
-Amelia finding out she had boobies. "They feel like Koosh balls!"
-Wearing t-shirts that say things like 'I hear voices and they don't like you' and knowing they're TRUE.
-Staying in for the night has a whole different meaning.
-How do you decide what to put in a monogram?
-Your 4 year old tell you someone else needs to come out because he didn't like 'your' answer.
-How do you potty teach an insider?
-Sitting in the yard for an hour blowing bubbles and not feeling a bit guilty.
-Truly seeing the world thru the eyes of a child. "How come the star shaped bubble wand doesn't make star bubbles?"
-Changing your mind has a whole different meaning.
-Figuring out what to make for dinner requires a majority vote.
-Watching Charlie wrestle with the stuffed animals for room on the bed.
-Sleeping with glow bracelets on and not being embarrassed.
-We used to buy three different brands of cigarettes!