Thursday, September 8, 2011



watching a really good movie but is triggering the hell out of us. too many damn hospital reminders. the 'you stink' guy is the male equivalent of roommate who tried to strangle me in the state hospital in fairfax does anyone else beside me and marisa remember it?

it was the first night there and we were on the locked unit for a couple of days and our roommate was a bitch who was 5 inches taller and at least 3 times my size. she smelled like old desitin and sweat. her clothes were dirty and her hair all knotty and tangled and she jumped in my face after i got back from the shower. she yelled at me that i stunk and told me to go take a shower. i told her i just got out and she told me to again. i stunk and needed to go take a shower. i kept telling her no and she kept saying the same thing. "you stink!" so finally i told her she was the one who stank and that's when she screamed she was gonna kill me. she was standing by the door, i tried to run past her, and she grabbed me right outside the door and pinned me against the wall then put her hands around my throat.

i think i screamed maybe but some people came and dragged her off and put her in the seclusion room.

the seclusion room there was different from any other i’d seen. it really did have padding on the walls and a linoleum floor with a drain in the middle.

i asked before she attacked me for them to put me in another room because the smell was so bad and she'd already been nasty. she chewed me out when i was unpacking and cussed at me and threatened me and when i told the nurses they wouldn't do anything.

i guess it worked out cuz after she got out of seclusion they put her in a room by herself and i was only on H ward for 2 nights.

*sigh* i’m done for now. and after all this the damn movie is still freaking me out