Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stephanie Again


I don't get it. I'm still so pissed I can hardly see straight. Why the hell does Reese have to be the one to get shit on every time? She doesn't do anything to deserve people ragging on her. It doesn't matter if it's her or anyone else, she gets the shit.

Okay, God, since you are obviously the only one that can give me a good answer for this, then why? Why can't she get a fucking break? I know I'm an angry bitch. I expect people to jump hot and piss and moan at me, but why Reese? Why the hell don't I see it coming and do something bright like tell her to leave her entries private? I know she wants somebody 'out there' to care about her and if no one hears her how can they, but damn!

Maybe this thing was a bad idea. It's hard enough dealing with the ignorant people who claim to love us but won't accept us. It makes no sense to expect acceptance in this anonymous environment where you can be a prick then run and hide.

Oh well, this is life though isn't it? You live, you get screwed, you die. Wasn't it the drunken asshole boyfriend in '28 Days' who said life is all about minimizing the pain? He was on to something.

Okay, bitch and moan session over. At least Reese didn't have to read what that stupid little shit wrote. Thank God for small favors at least, right?

Stephanie of the Crew