Saturday, September 3, 2011


This entry was written in response to an anonymous comment left on Reese's first entry.s It suggested The Crew was damaging the children and had no business being a mother.


Since it is obvious that people who have no fucking idea what they are talking about are reading this and making judgements, then I'll make an entry of my own.

Unless you know what it is like to be mutilated and molested before you are even big enough to walk, don't make judgements about how unbefuckinglievabley hard it is to dredge up those things and talk about them.

Unless you've been thrown across rooms and beaten black and blue so often you know nothing else, don't tell us to get over it.

Unless you have been actively taught to believe that everything you do is wrong, that your exisence is a mistake, and that anything that goes wrong in the family is your fault, then don't tell us how to recover from that.

Unless you know what it is to heal from these things and have done so, unless you know what it is to live with many minds in one body and try to bring them together to heal, then back the fuck off and put your time into growing up yourself.

To those who have not posted notes to us passing judgement on what kind of person or parent we must be, then ignore this. Those who have shown their small mindedness in viscious notes to a wounded soul, know who they are.

Stephanie of the Crew