Thursday, January 12, 2012

let me sleep

6/29/2002 Krys and I were supposed to go see a movie last night but the kids weren't cooperating about bedtime and so we decided to go this am. Can’t believe it took such a huge effort to get up at 9:30. I think in a past life I was a slug or something.

We saw the divine secrets of the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. A very cool mom-daughter flick and I think we both related to a whole lot more of it than we wanted to. Of course that's why we went to see it. There was a line in the movie where one of the women told the daughter she was a lot more normal than she had any right to be. Don’t know who that's truer for, Krys or me! It meant a lot when Krys told me that she had turned down an invite from a friend to see it because she wanted to go with me. Helps settle that 'mom from hell' paranoia I get.

Need to cut the grass and do some yard work but think we'll wait til this evening. It’s too hot and the blood loss from the cutting has hit hard. My h&h levels have probably dropped by at least a third. It’s going to take at least a month to get it brought back up and regain my energy. Right now I’d rather just sleep away the weekend.

Think we'll focus on trying to get this nightmare of a room clean. How crazy is it when you have as many toys as your kids and can't keep your room clean either? I mean, yeah, it's funny, but it sure is frustrating for micro-managing control freak me. Maybe I can nap and let the girls handle it (another bonus of being DID) they need to be engaged in 'normal' type things anyway. Surprisingly, picking up your belongings without being behind a locked door or under threat of other things, in itself has a bit of a healing quality to it. They get to experience things as they *should* be.

Ack. watch it Marisa... going to go off into one of your little philosophical tangents and nothing will get done today. Reality check. Stop over analyzing everything!!!!