Sunday, February 19, 2012

And We Got Out Of Bed Today Why?


A thunderstorm right on top of us is scaring the hell out of Amelia and Suzie. Those two are practically joined at the hip. Amelia is very serious about being Suzie’s ‘big sister’. Going out is not much of an option until the weather clears or we get the girls settled. I have a major case of cabin fever from sitting at the computer so much the last few days. I should have taken a pill and stayed in bed.

I’m very shaky and anxious but don't know exactly why. It's partly the time of year. All three daughters have birthdays in the next few weeks and school starts soon. I get very stressed by birthdays, and don't even get us started on school. It doesn't help that in this district, you have to register each and every year because people are constantly trying to get their kids into this district's schools without living here. I hate dealing with schools in anything. It is terrifying for me.

Still, this isn't all about that. Not sure what it is. If we nap, the kids will wreak havoc on the house and we are not up to taking them out in this weather.

I really think we just want to go shopping. That’s a sure cure for the blues. I wish.