Monday, February 20, 2012

can't we just go back to sleep?

from a fortune cookie... he who never makes mistakes never did anything worthy.
like that. helps put things in perspective when you feel like all you do is make mistakes.

have gotten lots done today but am so shaky from the physical activity (damn the cutting) that it's gotten too difficult to work. all we really need to do now is tidy kid's rooms and vacuum. the kids are taking care of the laundry so we should be set. if harley gets here early enough, we might go to the beach for the day since we have t on wednesday.

since charlie is home today, we might get to nap and going to see if he can get one of the photos he took from My Fair Lady on a web page so we can put it in the diary. we were in a local production back in may. first time we ever auditioned for anything and it was awesome! anyway, there's a pic from the last scene with alfie doolittle where we're center stage and it's a really good pic. it'd be cool to have it at the bottom of the contents page.

amelia did some shrinky dinks this morning. she's making charms to put on a bracelet we're getting becca for her b-day.