Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Community Meeting

Community Meeting 8/7/2002

Meeting of The Crew: Present are Marisa, Stephanie, Reese, Levia, Samantha, Cameo, Laura, Stacy, Amelia, and Suzie. Hannah is sleeping. Nancy is exempt from this meeting and will round up anyone wandering around and bring them to the nursery to stay until the meeting is finished.
1:53 pm

To be discussed: Co-consciousness, noise level inside and out, home and family, grievances.

Stephanie:I have talked with Charlie. He will ensure that the body will be able to rest over the weekend as much as needed. He understands that co-consciousness is physically and mentally taxing because it is not a natural occurrence for us. The subject of intimacy with Marisa was brought up. I assured him that Reese and I are more than happy to disappear so they can be alone. Give us a hint and we will beat feet.
Marisa: Stephanie, I need you to dial your temper down a notch. Your OCD too. I can't keep up with you and there are better things to do than scrub the corners of the floor with a toothbrush.
Stephanie: (Laughs) Bite me!
Reese: What do I do? Besides feeling like shit, and don't say laundry.
Marisa: You're good at organizing things. You're better at making things fun with the kids and you need to ease up off yourself. Also, you're better at expressing things, so even if we do cry, please help me talk to Charlie so he knows what's going on. I really didn't mean to keep him in the dark.
Reese: Poor Little Mushroom.
Stephanie: Anything else about this?
Marisa: We need a nap and then dinner has to be started so if there is anything else the three of us can talk later. I'd like to talk about the noise level. We can set limits with the kids and help there but Charlie is watching t.v. long past time for us to sleep and it's keeping me up. I hate telling him it's bothering me so poke me if I don't mention it later. I don't know what to do about the inside noise.
Levia: The children just emerging from their rooms are confused and very upset. Ignoring them only makes this worse. Is is possible to arrange time for them to express themselves? If only a time to draw, it will be of some help. Stephanie's writing is both bringing them out and stirring the upset. However, the memories need to be addressed and that will only happen as the children share them. Marisa, if the noise becomes overwhelming, please speak to me and I will take them further in until they can have their time.
Stephanie: And another brick comes crashing down!
Marisa: (To Stephanie) Bite me. (To Levia) Sorry. I'll try to tell you before it gets too much.
Stephanie: (To Levia) You have to tell me if the writing is stirring things up too much. You know I'll back off or slow down if you ask. Can we talk about the house and chores? I'll do those cards so the kids will know what they need to do, but no promises on not being anal about the cleaning.
Marisa: I'll be honest with Charlie about what I can and can't do physically and let him make the judgements on how much of that we can let slide and how much the kids need to help with. We really need a nap before it's too late. Can we start to wrap this up and talk more tonight? Amelia and everyone, you know there is a lock on the closet door now. Tomorrow while the kids are at school we will move everyone's stuff in there so that the kids can't get into your belongings without your permission anymore. Is that okay?
Amelia: John lost pieces for my game. I don't want to share anymore with him.
Marisa: You don't have to unless you're out or you want to. I promise not to let them play with your stuff without asking and you need to help make sure your things are in the closet when you're done. Then they can't find them and take off with them, okay?
Amelia: When can we play?
Suzie: Me play
Reese: I'd like to work on the cross stitch?
Stacy: Can I use the new colored pencils and shrinky dinks?
Laura: *signed* The new computer doesn't have the sign letters.
Marisa: Tonight after kids go to bed y'all can do whatever you like. Do you want to ask Daddy to find the sign font Laura? (Laura shakes her head, no) Okay, then I'll ask. He can probably do that tonight. Before we quit, please keep the nail biting to the left hand. I kinda like having some nails. Are we done for now?
Suzie: Eeyore!
Cameo: Can we wash eeyore?
Marisa: Yup. Before bed he'll be done. Anything else?
Stephanie: I want a gavel for these meetings.
(Reese laughs)
Marisa: *&$% you.

End of meeting.