Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feel Like A Blender In My Brain

okie dokie... my sweet understanding hubby has promised to find out what we need in order to have our own dollmaker. after no less than 8 hours searching all over the net, we have yet to find a collection of adoptable dolls that meet the approval of my girls. another one of those funny things.
i have a whole houseful (inside) of little girls in here yammering, chattering, and downright nagging because we couldn't find a free dollmaker that enables them to make dolls of themselves.

it's going to be a new obsession, i can tell. at least this is a mess free obsession. i won't be hunting for missing pieces because one of the kids has been into things. it better not turn out to be an expensive one. anyone who knows anything about how the whole thing works, please volunteer us some info?

anyway, all is well as far as Charlie and the girls. we spent a long time together this am. reese was so afraid he was disappointed in her. she talked to him about some specific things she was horrified to talk about and he was able to give her a balanced perspective. he also reassured us all that his primary concern is our health. that's the whole reason he brought up the cutting. that and a gentle reminder that saying 'we're having a bad time' is not a specific enough statement to give him a clue as to whether or not we're safe.

he's waiting for his turn so he can do his computer wizardry, so will do another entry later. need to remember to print stuff out for Lyn in the am...