Saturday, February 25, 2012

just sort of an FYI...


you can fit a hundred or more people in a minivan if you have multiples as passengers.

last night driving a friend home there was this brief moment of watching without being connected and what i saw was hysterical. all three of us (harley, pony, and us) were literally falling over ourselves talking. if one person so much as paused to take a breath, another would jump in to tell their experiences with whatever subject was at hand. in a 1/2 hour drive we had to have covered what most people would take a 3 hour visit to talk about. the sound was not unlike a recording of pigeons played at high speed.

we took harley to tasty freeze. their childhood was so incredibly deprived that most of their littles have no experience with play, toys, treats, anything. so when we pulled up to a drive-in menu with dozens of choices for ice cream, you could almost see and hear the gears in their brain lock up. eyes wide and mouth hanging open they just STARED at the menu for a full minute before making a sound. now, i don't even remember why it was we were already laughing, but at that point we began to just roar laughing. stephanie, being the typical smart ass says "Oh fuck! We have to make a decision!" which had peanut (harley's protector alter) threaten to backhand us, while they laughed to the point of tears just pouring down their cheeks.

the poor boy at the drive thru window was damn near frightened of us by the time we pulled up to pay.

between ordering and paying harley gave us a play by play of what was going on in their head. all the little girls were dumbstruck, some of the others wanted to jump out of the car and run, they saw another menu that mentioned waffle cones and that created a revolt among the ones who now wanted to change the order. they couldn't tho because to get exactly what they wanted would require combining two menu options, creating something totally different. well harley and system are major OCD and the idea of asking for something NOT on the menu in the way they were hoping was totally unacceptable. we had finally (in between fits of belly laughing that was so intense we had an asthma attack!) convinced them it was OKAY to order exactly what they wanted when we pulled up to the window to see the kid at the window putting the finishing touches on their ice cream. well, of course now that it's been made, we can't change our minds...

the boy comes over and starts handing us our stuff and stephanie looks him dead in the eye and with a totally straight face announces it's dangerous and stupid to send 2 indecisive people out to accomplish something. then harley asks if it would be possible to get a bowl since their ice cream was already threatening to come off the cone. this kid gets the deer in the headlights look and and says they can't give out bowls, but we can have a cup. by that time ANYTHING was funny so we just burst into more laughter which i swear scared the crap out of this young man. he couldn't have been more than 16. he brought the cup, hurriedly took our money and handed back change. as we were pulling out, he remembered his drive-thru ettiquite training and mumbled to us to 'have a night'.

okay, so maybe you had to be there, but i love those moments when you get caught up in uncontrolable laughter. aside from just being fun, there is something totally gratifying about the strange looks you get from other people. just knowing they aren't in on the joke makes it all the more funny.

well, harley is headed out this evening and we still have a ton of stuff to do. really looking forward to catching up on everyone's diaries, but am so glad we invited them down. wouldn't have missed this for the world.