Saturday, February 4, 2012

minor overhaul

very very tired today. had the headache from hell yesterday. almost went to the hospital over it. neither Rx nor OTC meds helped. at one point i was ready to take a handful of sleeping pills hoping to knock myself out til it was gone. fortunately, more level headed alters prevailed. someone reminded me that we promised ourselves long ago to never abuse Rx meds. it's too important to remain trustworthy there.
feeling very fuzzy-headed so don't plan to do much writing unless it clears up. have done some work on the contents page tho. i can follow directions atm but can't think much.
waiting for Lyn to call so i can let her know we are interested in trying the EMDR again on friday. if i don't tell her it's the plan we can chicken out at the last minute. at least this way we're accountable.
bah, think it's time to lay down again. this thing isn't totally gone yet.