Saturday, February 25, 2012

please don't let the tears fall


who will stop the tears
of the humiliated child
as she stands before those
to whom she belongs
the people who love to tell
the story of her choosing
now smugly calling the others
to join in the game of her punishment
calling the rest of the family
to watch the crying child
to stand around her jeering
at the sound of her heart
as it shatters
playing at casting lots
one is sent for the tool of their game
a tablespoon gleaming in the light
now held at the cheek of the child
they would sit and cheer
shout and laugh as they watched
to see the humiliation
of filling the spoon with her tears
the game would only end
if she stood and performed
or joined in their laughter
at the stupidity of her tears
can you still hear her crying
as she hides in the darkeness
hidden deep in the shadows
of her own wounded heart