Saturday, February 18, 2012



Charlie is almost in a rush to make sure Laura knows she is a part of our family. When Lyn asked yesterday if she knew him, she said she knew the guy that yelled. When Lyn called Charlie to let him know we had a new little to greet, she also told him that.

Now my guy is not an ogre; not by a long shot. He’s more along the lines of a giant teddy bear. When he heard Laura was afraid of him because he yells, it was almost a blow to him. Lyn and I both explained that Laura is programmed to respond or be triggered to awareness only in the presence of anger. Like any normal dad, he blows his stack occasionally. I know his head knows, but his heart will not be convinced until Laura knows she is safe and loved by him. His own father was a very violent man and I know that there is fear in him that he may resemble his father in that respect. He guards against it constantly.

Laura’s natural (under the circumstances) fear triggers that fear in Charlie and sends it into over-drive. If I know this man, he'll be carrying a new stuffed animal with him when he comes home tonight. I hope it’s from the Disney Store.