Wednesday, February 29, 2012

what a way to start the day, eh?

well, we've determined that:
1: we won't actually get any sleep unless Daddy (the lils call charlie, daddy) is there to keep us safe from eight legged freaks (we couldn't even watch the commercial for that stupid movie!).

2: no one wants to be in the kitchen in the daylight... let alone after dark, and forget opening cabinets by hand. just hand over a four foot dowel rod and get ready to jump. this should make trying to get dinner interesting.

3: amelia has no fear whatsoever of venomous snakes and was quite disappointed we didn't choose to simply ignore it and go on with the shark tooth hunt. okay, so maybe if we'd been alone, but this is the CHILDREN we're talking about and dammit, one close fucking call in a lifetime is enough and all my kids did that before 5 years old. they should be set. (nice logic, huh?) if amelia or anyone else inside wants to play crocodile hunter meets super brownie scout, we'll have to do it without the 3D kids. we're thoroughly confident in our ability to take care of ourselves (like we do already? HA!) but not so confident we're all that great at protecting our children.

4: crap like this brings up the 'you should have known better' tapes that go round and round while bringing up all the other times we *think* we were careless with the kids.... walking out of a bathroom with kids in the tub, for example. so guilt and shame are firing away at the moment.
and last but not least...

5: our collective coping skills are either really poor or we got caught major off guard, but not being able to just 'shake it off' is the worst part of this whole thing. the expectation to suck it up and go is something mum ingrained in us... and reminded us frequently how miserable we were for not just doing it. well, gee, that just starts a whole domino effect of crap flying around inside.

keep wondering if we can't find someone inside who can play supermom and listen to the girls run down their first day of school while preparing a spectacular meal and getting everyone to bed on time... cuz the rest of us haven't had a good cry yet and we're due.

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