Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yeah, Well I Don't Feel Strong


okay, first the exterminator squashes (guess the chemicals aren't his only tool) a spider the size of my hand in the kitchen... the level of arachnophobia varies from minor to paralyzing depending on who's out. fortunately we didn't crumble. just lost all the coffee we'd had for breakfast. so, then (only too happy to get out of the house before the paranoia took over) we go to take the boys hunting for shark teeth and fossils in a stream behind our old subdivision. we've done this several times before without the least concern. today was different.

we got to the edge of the woods and kicked off the sandals and prepared to help the boys down into the stream... when we reached back to get john we saw the 2 1/2 foot copperhead stretched out fully between the boys. its body was actually brushing up against daniel's sandals. tried to reach daniel to push him back and yelled for him to move while at the same time grabbing john by the wrist and swinging him back behind us. we backed up and waited for it to slither into the woods so we could grab our pair of sandals and get the hell out. to top it off, we ran barefoot thru a fire ant pile on the way to the van. all in all a fairly shitty 45 minutes.

so we're safe if you don't count the welts on the right foot from the damn ants. we squelched stephanie's idea of seeing if the tire iron was in the back of the van, as well as the harebrained impulse to grab the snake and smash it against a tree... so why won't the shaking stop yet? it's been more than an hour. we stopped at mickey d's and the boys relaxed almost immediately, while we have just finished puking up our happy meal. granted, daniel doesn't want to go back again, but beyond that, both boys seem to have let it slide off.

even knowing that we couldn't quite reach daniel to move him, yet he swears someone grabbed his wrist and moved him, isn't comforting at the moment.

charlie's suggestion that we stick to feeding the ducks at the pond in sangaree may earn him a good smack when he gets home.

right now a tranquilizer and and a nap sounds like the best idea, that is if we can get the ones afraid of a spider getting on the bed to settle down.

hope the girl's first day of school (fifth grade for rachel, first day in middle school for becca and first day in highschool for kristy) is better than ours.