Friday, December 7, 2012

useless babbling...


Tired, grouchy, pissy, achy, too introverted for our own good right now. But we have a really really good excuse. WAAAAHHHH!!!! The coffee grinder and hand blenders both broke in one day and I have to drink instant freeze dried shit to avoid the withdrawl headache. If that's not a good excuse for rampant lethargy and bitchiness, don't know what is. Out of cigarettes too and not in any condition to go out. Having sort of a panic induced housebound day. Need to go shopping for krys and honestly would feel better if we could wear shades and wrap up in a huge old cloak with a hood. God, just don't want to even be seen. Of course, there's no cloak to be had in the house and it's in the upper 80's anyway. They'd probably follow us assuming we were either there to rob the place or shoplifting.

We've had a pretty good streak of optimism here the last few months... We're allowed one really *everything's fucked up and the earth just sucks* day, right?

Time to crawl under the covers for awhile.

Somebody has been sitting in a corner inside, rocking all day long. That doesn't help and she flips if anyone trys to talk to her... She's one of the teens. We know that much. The guess is she... hell we don't even know what the guess is. need to try and nail Samantha on some details.

Lyn is out of town and we'll just go ahead and admit that while we don't feel lost without her... we are getting pouty about her frequent travel this year. We know it's what she does and as her practice expands and she teaches more, she'll be in demand other places. Still there's that *My therapist! Mine mine mine!* feeling. At least we can admit to it.

Still no real prospects for a babysitter, so will look into home or church based daycare for a couple of days a week... not thrilled about the idea, but oh well. With this much going on inside it's best not to miss any more appts that absolutely necessary.

Maybe we can wheedle charlie into getting a pack of cigarettes... then we could go out at like 4 am and not actually have to see more than 10 ppl in a whole store. Keep head down, wear a cap, hair down... maybe can pull it off.
Don't ask why we don't want to be seen. way too much to get into right now.