Tuesday, December 31, 2013

R.I.P dear vaccum cleaner


would it be mean to tease my daughters that their room finally shoved the vaccum cleaner into oblivion???

they'd probably find it funny and the thing has been on it's last spin brush with one wheel in the dump for a couple of months. oh well, guess that means it's time to stop stirring the dust for now.

as usual, samantha has waited for us to figure out quite a bit before adding any new information on her own (she reminds me of the teacher who tells you to 'look it up' everytime you ask a question). what we've confirmed is that the teenage girls are from the time between ending 8th grade and the beginning of the summer of the next year.

in that time we ran away a dozen times, got hospitalized 3 times and made emergency room visits on average, once a month or so. here's where things get a little confusing for me. all the girls who have started making themselves known are connected. almost like a 6 degrees of seperation (funny comparison) thing. one girl is split from another but connected to still others by either events or emotion. not surprising really. i've had an image of a tapestry, with each of the girls connected and the events all interwoven before.

i feel like i'm trying to untangle this huge thing that's been coming unraveled for years. no wonder i feel so utterly screwed right now.

lyn keeps trying to remind me that the writing is hard work and reason enough to feel so tired lately. i'm beginning to believe her. feel like we've run a marathon just today.