Monday, January 27, 2014

awww he left a note


*blush* *grins*

have been printing out pages for charlie to read so he can see what the girls are writing and so that he gets an idea what's going on when i'm not verbalizing it... well, the printer is out of ink (gee, i wonder why?) and so i sat him down to catch up online.

he left me a note *silly sappy grins*

it's on the entry before this. it's signed *the crew* because he had no idea how else to leave one. i think he was trying to write an entry. anyway... after he was finished reading (didn't realize how much we're really writing!) he told me to come look...

he's my sweetie.

to have someone who will fight to stay with you and who will still shout from the mountain tops that he's glad to be with you....

what the hell am i doing sitting here?

*off to tell someone how much he means to us*