Monday, January 20, 2014

can't keep up at the moment


have reached *full* and we're physically in the process of shutting down... after getting lost in my OWN FRIGGIN TOWN twice in 24 hours...finding myself unable to verbally complete any thought...then to be unable to dissociate the pain in the dentist's office (oh yeah, lost a third of a molar monday so have a temp crown now) and not being able to stop from coming up out of the chair swinging...came the realization that we have got to stop and recover for a few days. we have hardly been able to check diaries.... our read list is looking very neglected as most diaries there are in bold... but can't comprehend what we read so is hard to do. swimming in a pool of half set jello is about where we are mentally at the moment. when reese, stephanie and i aren't able to keep the loose cannons from taking over at any moment, we have to stop.

just trying to quiet capt. paranoia here who keeps telling me people will begin to feel neglected and unloved if we don't note them every day... yeah, i know, it's one of those minor delusions you have when you've been programmed to believe you can't do anything right.. yadda yadda yadda. anyway, going to try to explain what happened yesterday that finally forced us on our ass... next entry that is.