Saturday, January 4, 2014

clarification: random flyby assholes


okay now... everybody who suddenly started feeling guilty about leaving notes... that entry wasn't for you. if you are aware enough of the world around you to be concerned you may be annoying, you probably aren't.

****slaps a few people (you know who you are) with a wet feather duster, for even considering the idea****

the people who triggered that little rant are the little kiddies who think they are the center of the universe and everyone else is merely in orbit and under the control of their gravity.

to be specific... unless we've noted you and asked you not to request something from us, then the rant wasn't for you. it's only been a handful (stephanie has a low bullshit tolerance) of people and all of them were noted.

for further reassurance, see our notes. if we haven't deleted your notes, they are welcomed and appreciated.

so there. now tell captain paranoia to back the f*ck off and leave you alone. we enjoy writing and receiving notes, just not from people who's sole reason for stopping by was to ask you to drop everything and come play into their ego-centrism. we tend to delete those requests as they come in but last night we got caught in a really pissy mood and responded to this person with a less than complimentary note. not proud of that since we don't consider ourselves to be mean. so stephanie had to deal not only with the irritation from the note, she also had all of us inside berating ourselves for being bitchy... is it any wonder she blew?

to those who comment, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!