Tuesday, January 14, 2014

get to know us survey


1-If you were going to die tomorrow what would be your last meal? a snickers freezee
2-When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? actress, nurse, teacher
3-Name a television show you watched as a kid? M*A*S*H
4-Name a beverage you drink frequently? Coffee
5-What is something you have always wanted to learn but never have? to follow a sewing pattern and use the FREAKING machine properly
6-Name a CD you would never get rid of? people get rid of them?
7-Name a song that constantly gets in your head? i am nothing by ginny owens. my current fav.
8-Name something that never fails to cheer you up? shopping for craft stuff (marisa) jewelry (stephanie) toys (everybody else)
9-What's your favourite time waster? sleeeeep!


1 minute ago: battling with my diary description
1 hour ago: talking to a friend
1 day ago: seeing my shrink
1 week ago: umm, that would have been a saturday right? have to check my entries
1 month ago: frying on the beach
1 year ago: same as now only we hadn't come this far
1 lifetime ago: living what we're healing from now


I hurt: more than i like to admit
I love: unconditionally
I hate: stupid people
I hope: for health and peace
I sadden: over wounded hearts
I feel alone: sometimes
I kill: spiders... at a distance if possible
I talk: only when i have something to say
I listen: very well
I break: the chains of the past
I see: more clearly than most, not as much as i'd like
I smell: the lack of coffee brewing
I taste: the after taste of pepsi
I work: all the time on all kinds of things, except of course when i'm not
I remember: more than i ever wanted to and not as much as i need to
I hide: my face too much. and from the past
I pray: not as much as i should but alot. especially thru singing
I walk: less than i should
I drive: a minivan of course. filled with empty soda cans and whatever else the kids shove under the seats.
I read: everything we can get our hands on.
I burn: my arms
I breathe: from my diaphram, like all good singers, except when we're wheezing
I play: as much as we can
I miss: my siblings
I know: both more than i think and less than i think. depends on the situation
I dream: all the time
I want: to see more people know what real love and healing can be
I fall: on my ass
I wait: all the while begging for the grace to do it patiently
I need: more sleep
I am: loved, wanted, needed, gifted, enthusiastic, caring, tired