Saturday, January 11, 2014

here's where you can help us out


we were given an assignment from lyn before she went out of town 2 weeks ago...

we need to make a list of the negative messages we're fighting.

then list who in the system is being affected by it (anal as i am i'm printing out several definitions of the words affect and effect. can never seem to remember how to properly use them. what a geek)

then list, as simply as possible, where the messages come from for each.

pretty much what today's ramblings brought up and since we're hoping to see lyn on monday it would be good to have done the assignment we conveniently forgot right after getting it. (gee, was that accidentally on purpose?)

your mission, should you choose to accept it:
since this will be done using our diary, we would like our friends here to keep us accountable. in other words, if you don't see something resembling what we've described within the next day or so, then tell us get off our ass.

we know we procrastinate, so we're asking for a little friendly nagging or gentle ass kicking if we fart around on this. it's important and we really need to do it.

besides, a little teasing will help lighten this up for us, since it will likely be intense. we'll benefit from your input.

thanks in advance.