Sunday, January 12, 2014

not the response i was hoping for


don't you just hate when you finally are able to pin down a direction to move in only to find you no longer know where the hell you are?

after weeks of unending chatter and feeling as if a huge family of mice live in this skull, it got quiet. on the inside anyway. on the upside, i got a lot of work done in my room. the downside being that for the enth day in a row, i've only ventured from this bedroom long enough to deal with day to day necessities.

not good.

it would be easy enough to laughingly pass it off on all the teenagers running loose in here, but it's more than simply that. it's not adolecent isolation or moodiness. staying in here helps us hide...we've always tried to run and hide, in oh so very creative ways.

aurgh... trying to hide is such a joke... why do people work so hard to do it?