Tuesday, January 7, 2014

note to selves


if you're going to cut the grass, check the temperature and heat index for the day BEFORE starting... 98 degrees and a heat index of 108 and we're cutting the grass.... that is what we call Quality Stupid.

 the job is only half done which is going to drive us NUTS!!! and since we have a hot date tonight, it has to wait til tomorrow.

the good news is, we have at least learned a *little* about being careful. three years ago we would have finished the job and probably wound up in the er. that's how we found ourself needing back surgery in may 2000. using a gas powered tiller to do an 8x12 garden. ruptured a disc 3/4 of the way thru and knowing we wouldn't be able to finish if we stopped, we did the rest of the garden before having one of the kids call an ambulance. nah, we're not the kind who has to learn the hard way...