Wednesday, January 8, 2014

out of the mouths of babes


okay, so if you've read our diary you know john is our 4 yo son and knows about mommy being DID.

amelia and suzie are among his most favorite people in the world.

don't think we've ever mentioned that charlie jokes about having a little of his own named Buster. that comes from a story his mom tells about when he decided to change his name to Buster when he was 5, and is just a joke. (charlie's also been known to introduce himself to my DID friends as 'my outside alter'. we really are weird people...)

john has recently been telling amelia about the 'little boys' inside him. something we've passed off as extension of his imaginary friends, Blue and Magenta. john has also been known to try an use amelia as an excuse to get toys. if we're in a store and i won't allow him to get a toy, he'll try to tell me it's something he wants to get for amelia ( i know for a fact she's not into swords and hotwheels). just further proof that children are smarter than people give them credit for. 

all this leads up to a conversation charlie and john had this morning after john watched daddy saying good morning to each member of the crew.

John: *tickling me* Is amelia laughing mommy?
Me: Yes john, but mommy needs to go get coffee so she can wake up. You can play with 'melia in a bit. John:*turns to hug Daddy* Daddy, you make my heart laugh.
Charlie: *smiling* You make my heart happy too son.
John:*tickling daddy* Daddy, when will my little boys come out?
Daddy: *Dumbfounded silence while scrambling to figure out how to answer* he wound up changing the subject... WIMP

we always knew john figured everyone's mom had littles, especially after getting to meet some of harley's littles. it never occured to us that having insiders was such a normal concept to him that he would be awaiting the day he'd have his own...

i'd almost rather he ask an easier question like 'where do babies come from?'.