Tuesday, January 28, 2014

overacme dyslexia


slept like a rock and plan to mostly just play and maybe do a little housework today. the littles have had no time at all for more than a week and they are getting a little whiney *grins* mostly amelia and suzie tho. they are more accustomed to actually playing. the middles for the most part, still only come out if triggered. tho we can encourage stacy and laura with things like clay or shrinky dinks. (one day maybe we can get them over their fear of the computer)

charlie's home again because he's almost 40 hours ahead of where he's supposed to be and the company doesn't want to 'run out' of their contracted time before the year is up (in november). with him home we have some *adult* supervision so the littles and john don't get in too much mischief.

besides... i think we deserve a day off from *work*. we've done damn well since we started this diary. for all the occasional hassles, lyn agrees that the diary has been one of the most helpful things for us. creative expression, a place to vent, a place to get to know others and break from our isolation...

we're SO very grateful to have found this place and all of you we've met here. *sappy sentimental grins*

off to the dollar tree for a kiddie spending spree...