Monday, January 6, 2014

play-doh and paints


 'melia and john have made a huge mess in our room. it's cool though. no big deal. mostly it's just dried play-doh and i think marisa got the paint cleaned up. they finally started painting the tons of rocks she's collected. looks like they're all gonna be smiley faces and ladybugs. anytime those two play and no one outside is around to babysit, somebody's gonna have cleaning to do. today is marisa and charlie's anniversary. 16 years. they're supposed to have most of tomorrow to go out and celebrate. think maybe we'll order pizza tonight. god, sometimes wish we had a chef in here. kinda stupid, huh? we got a friend who's therapist thinks that anything that needs to be done, someone inside can do, like everybody's got a job and those jobs all make sense. yeah, we all do our thing but geez, it's not like we're here for the fun of it, ya know? wanted to write since i haven't hardly at all lately but there's nothing to write about. nothing good anyway. tired of the memories and tired of not cutting. tired of whining.