Thursday, January 2, 2014

polka to a different accordian


 hmmm, always knew i'd be immortalized in print...

one of the pics charlie took to give as a gift to the cast of my fair lady (he took over 150 pics and put them on disc for each member of the cast and crew) graces a full half page of the new phone book. LOL, it's from the final scene with alfie doolittle and is a blown up shot of 11 of us dancing with him. it's hysterical and one of the best shots. charlie had originally blown it up because it's a good shot of me and now it serves as an ad for the theatre and the historical preservation group in downtown summerville. charlie was a bit disappointed they didn't give him credit as photographer, but still. it's kinda cool that tens of thousands will see this. soon as i find the disc it's on, i'll get it posted on the contents page. they're doing grease in the spring. we are SO there! john is hounding me to let amelia out to play... will post again later.