Tuesday, January 21, 2014



I am so fucking tired of stupid people. The note has been deleted and it was anonymous which only speaks to the cowardice of this particular shit for brains.

I will be more than happy to debate the validity of DID as well as the fact that as integration and healing of past trauma occurs it is more than possible for alters to have communication and awareness of each other. I only ask that you have both the balls to identify yourself and provide documentation to back up your convoluted and outdated theory. The simple fact is that unless you have walked in our (Yes OUR, you fuckwad) shoes or have more than a T.V. movie of the week to back up your ignorance, it is none of your fucking business.

My tolerance for people whose lives are so pathetically empty and sad they get their kicks out of randomly attacking others is officially gone. You are invited to collectively go fuck yourselves.