Tuesday, January 7, 2014

yup, it's us again...


 it's been a weird day. got triggered pretty bad earlier and spent a good part of the afternoon trying to get some control over things. have taken an imitrex to try and stop the switching headache. it's been like a revolving door in here today.

it's going to be okay... it's going to be okay... it's going to be okay... on the upside

my sweetie came home with a box from his favorite jewelry store. a gold necklace and earrings set with an X & O (kisses and hugs of course) and diamonds set in the O's.

just when i'm trying to deny how fat, ugly, and just plain icky i really feel, he (this is a man known to vehemently deny having a romantic bone in his body) shows up with this gift and the explanation that he wants me and 'all his girls' to know that even when he's not here, they are being hugged and loved by him.

okay, everybody together now... "Awwwwww"