Friday, February 14, 2014

3 questions


-how many waking hours a day am i in the bedroom?
-how disordered is that room (scale of 1-10)?
-how much money am i spending on *stuff*?

stuff being defined as anything there is not an immediate need for. right now, it's mostly craft stuff. too much time is being spent collecting stuff we don't have time to sit and use.

needed to put these questions in a central location for us. kind of a daily mental check-up. the higher our stress level the more time we spend in the room, the worse the room looks and the more money is spent when we go out.

doesn't help that when the stress is high, i honestly cannot always account for where i've been or how much was spent. still, i see the result (plastic bags in every corner of the room) and it's been habit for so long to try to *cover* these purchases (which aren't a lot by themselves, but add up FAST) and so they get put away or stuffed somewhere and instead of knowing what we have to play with now, it just gets worse because if we think we have it but can't find it, it just gets replaced.

i know, no different from the average spend-a-holic, but just like any other addiction it's hell to KNOW you've got a problem and be powerless to control it.

no offense to the twelve steppers, but we couldn't get sober in the program and aren't sure the traditional path will do it here either.

time to hand the debit card and checkbook to charlie. whoopie...