Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a hole in the head does not make an open mind (and other entries from 9/12/02)


just thinking that because of all the supposed 'enlightened' people in my life that could use a good hole in the head.

extended family... can't live with them... can't kill 'em.


9/12/02 - 9/12/2002


clarification... - 9/12/2002

we bought the first batch of blue dye and didn't object to her getting the semi-perm stuff. don't mind it at all and honestly think it's pretty cool. the hard part is not making smurf jokes.

i look at the kids and am reminded of the mother's curse... may your children act just like you did. i'm soooooooo screwed

AuRGggHhh!!!! - 9/12/2002

okay, so having both diaries open to 'write in my diary' is a bad idea while children are still awake. hence the empty post earlier. FOD won't let you delete entries right now so we just erased it all. hope we don't get notes on it.... stephanie wasn't happy with it anyway.

charlie just asked which 'me' was at bat. he had to check because stephanie gets pissed if anyone interrupts her writing and the kids have been in and out of here all evening, so she's already NOT in a good mood. last thing he wants tonight is to add to that.

there's a lot we *want* to write right now and the opportunity just isn't there. one of those days that make you want to just piss and moan. not so much because anything is wrong, just because there is that much going on internally and it makes it hard enough to concentrate. here it's the 'normal madness' of trying not to screw up too much with 5 kids added to trying to sort thru the noise inside... it's like trying to carry on 10 conversations while walking a tight rope.

great, now i'm rambling. bah, it's time for a cigarette and then sleep.