Tuesday, February 11, 2014

another day another kick in the head


daniel's appt didn't go as planned. the psychiatrist who originally treated him never bothered to send any info to the pediatrician. by law he can't write a scrip for daniel until the psych does. he wanted to know why the kids weren't seeing them anymore tho it was clear that daniel's depressive symptoms are gone. i didn't want to tell him...

i HATE doctors. charlie's in savannah today so it will be tomorrow at the earliest before he can call what's her face and tell her to send her findings to the peds doc. in the meantime, daniel needs an extended day dose and has to wait, so i'll be shitting bricks every time the phone rings because daniel may have found himself in the principal's office and they made it clear yesterday they don't believe he's on meds or that i give a shit about his problems in school. can't even talk to his teacher because now we're pissed and the last thing we need is for stephanie to go off. for all her claims that the kids aren't *hers* she's an awful lot like a mama bear about them. don't screw with my kids.

dr. c worked us in for this evening. talked to lyn this am and filled her in... yeah, we're safe at the moment but i've gone from almost productive to pretty useless as far as practical things are concerned. beginning to feel like harley's taken on the house and kids stuff and not feeling right about it. i know i need to rest, but there is a long ugly history about letting people help us out. we generally get pretty screwed and so capt. paranoia's on the war path (is he ever not?)

i need a nap if we're going to make to the appointment today. god help us if we forget again.