Thursday, February 20, 2014

bitch doc


between charlie and me, we have called this bitch’s office 4 times and shown up twice. Yesterday was the day when in a waiting room full of people, she refused to give us daniel’s records because she has 60-90 days legally. Whether or not she realizes it, she allowed all the people in that room to hear that even knowing a child is in need, she won’t do the right thing.

Lyn suggested having the pediatrician call her before we consider calling our lawyer. We’ve already left a message for t***, and he’ll get back with charlie today. I’m going to call the pediatrician and talk to him about it while charlie takes the morning off to go sit in the waiting room at summerville behavioral health and make them miserable. The idea of calling the news station’s action line has come up, but I would rather not embarrass Daniel if it can be avoided. He deserves better.

Dr. c has worked with this hell bitch before so he may also have an idea of why she’s being such a piece of shit. I don’t know right now. We’re much calmer but the idea of ripping her arrogant heart out with a rusty spoon is looking more and more attractive…