Sunday, February 16, 2014

caution: sharp turns and rocks ahead


well, it finally happened...

while the diary site was down someone had a writing streak and today i forced myself to read them aloud to lyn. i told her of things we've never ever spoken aloud to anyone. the following is the entry i wrote this morning before heading to her office.

gets so tiring sometimes. We seem to get to a somewhat stable place (though stable is way more stable than it was a year ago) we get slammed again. I know it’s partly the process and partly the fact that we’re so driven to keep moving forward, but damn, does it get frustrating. Spent all of yesterday switching back and forth while one of the teens did some writing. The poems were way triggering for most of us, but at least it’s a start on tiptoeing into that area.

See lyn today. We’ll see how that goes. I know if I show her the poems she’ll make sure that anytime I try to change the subject, she’ll direct me back to it. Oh joy.

we'll just get these poems in here before we chicken out and try to write about the day before the exhaustion takes over again.