Saturday, February 8, 2014

cop out...


have a new assignment from lyn... oh joy!

need to write letters (they won't get sent) to charlie's various family members about the last 16 years of hell they put us through. we'll put them here of course. why shouldn't *everyone* get to share in the adventure?

but it just took too much brain power for reese, stephanie and i to come up with the previous entry (2 1/2 hours and only a third of what we typed up in a Word doc) and manage to make sense.

we're glad though, not *just* because we get to put off the assignment til tomorrow, but because having your faith challenged is a good opportunity to take a good look at what and why. like J***B****** said in one of her entries, no one should simply follow anything/anyone blindly. stopping to look was good for us.

we'll do the crap work tomorrow.