Monday, February 3, 2014

delusions of sanity


running late for my appt with dr. c. well, sort of late. having a crap concept of time can really be a pain. i'll be on time but my hair will still be dripping... printed out most of the last week's entries for him and even with editing and shrinking the text it's still more than 20 pages.

i know that this is probably a *DID thing* but i feel as if my brains are oozing out my ears. in the last week, i've gotten lost several times, went to pick up a child at school who i'd already spoken to at HOME before i left and this morning started the van then decided not to leave yet and left it running for an hour. and those are just the brain farts i can remember. granted, it adds a little humor to the day to day, but feeling like a ditz gets old fast. we obviously need more than just a day off.

we'll see where today's appt takes us and go from there i guess.

anyway, off to the appt and hope we can catch up on notes this afternoon.