Sunday, February 9, 2014

'God's complaint department, Job speaking...'


pet peeve: feeling like i couldn't remember where my butt is without a map and compass!

dr. c called around 12:30... "did you forget we had an appointment?"

ummmm, yup.

we have a standing appointment on wednesdays at 11. if we have to miss it we always call. tomorrow dr. c is giving a deposition and so we had to reschedule for this week. did i write it down? NO! of course not. that would make SENSE! unless there are at least 15 notes and verbal reminders about ANYTHING that's not a habit! it gets forgotten. *poof* walk out the door of the office and it's gone, like that.

you'd think that with all of us in here SOMEONE could remember something... but NOOOOO, it's the other way around! no one remembers anything about life in the here and now. samantha, you're the record keeper, can't you help out here? why, no. she only records what has already happened, not the stuff that needs to happen.


i could ask one of the younger ones, but then i'd probably have it written in crayon somewhere or on a piece of paper in a pocket that ends up going thru the washer... reese will remember an appointment with lyn but since she tries to avoid anything to do with doctors she avoids even remembering apptointments. even for the kids. can't tell you how many times we've missed appointments with the pediatrician, and i swear somebody in here goes out of their way to distract us from remembering a dentist appointment.

same with appointments with teachers. the only one not intimidated is stephanie and she would tell them go to hell so we usually try to talk charlie into dealing with that. (that messes up his work day though and since he's the One Man Answer Team, they fall apart when he's not there.) same thing with dropping by the church during the week... no crowd of people means greater risk of actually having to have a conversation with someone. you know, the kind that don't involve obscene hand gestures? can't have that!

of course, no real rest makes the holes in this strainer-brain even bigger so i'm amazed i can even remember... oh shit, i forgot what i'm remembering.

having visions of the red hairy monster from the bugs bunny cartoon... screaming and running thru walls... do you hear that sound??? it's the one teeny tiny little brain cell i have left shouting "you can see for MILES in here!"