Thursday, February 13, 2014

letters continued



this may not be the last letter i'll have to write to you. there are too many things i can't yet say.

never have i felt such burning hatred for another life. knowing how incredibly special you see yourself, it should be pleasing to know that in our eyes you stand out as being the only truly evil human we've had the misfortune to meet. yes wendy, in that respect you are truly unique.

as far as my family is concerned, you no longer exist. you are not family, friend, or aquaintance. you are a disgusting virus so foul and evil we have vaccinated our family from you and you can no longer even touch us. if you ever try again i can guarantee that everything you know we are capable of and everything those who know us were suprised we didn't do before this, will happen. you will never again come toe to toe with me and be able to walk away.

it is as if you simply aren't there. the infection set in from our family's exposure to you is being cleansed and will leave no trace of you having ever touched our lives.

may you rot alone in your vicious insanity,


having read this over a few times.... it is SO hard to resist the urge to remove the 'threatening' bit and send the sucker. it would SO rock her sick little world and send her into a frezy that would drive her over the edge. the spiteful glee this thought gives us is exactly why we won't give in. but oh, is it ever hard. God, please tell me we don't have a time limit for forgiving this one...