Tuesday, February 18, 2014



to everyone we worried last night, we are sooooo sorry and yes, we are okay.

had a really bad abreaction (a full out flashback with NO awareness of anything else) in session with lyn, so much so that we wound up doing more than a double session (2 1/2 hours) and were able to hear from 4 of the 'sleeping' children who have remained quiet for so long. there is a fifth, i believe, because no knows who wrote the poetry i'm trying to get posted.

last night , whether from exhaustion, confusion, or just major overload, we went kazoo. from what little we remember, the last time we were even close to that screwed up we'd had 26+ oz of long island iced tea (we don't drink anymore) so we could neither walk nor talk and don't know if it was a little or what who sent several ims in gibberish to people.

we are ok and taking the strong suggestion that we stay in bed as much as possible today.

we'll go into more detail as we can about the actual events, but i have to talk to lyn to find out what they were first.

we are ok and doing what we need to to take care of us. can't tell you all how much your concern means to the whole crew. LOVE YOU!