Tuesday, February 4, 2014

seeking buddhist wishing to perfect patience...


john's argument for being allowed to say "damn" is that donkey in shrek uses it. i told him donkey was going the right way for a smacked bottom by saying it too. i think he got the message.

daniel flew at me the other day after running in from school to announce "tomorrow i have to sign up for boy scouts if i want to be in boy scouts and i want to be in boy scouts because in boy scouts you get to shoot arrows but not arrows that can kill people but the kinda arrows that can only go thru wood." thinking maybe it's time to have his meds adjusted...

rachel loves her scar. we took out the stitches the other night and she can't walk past a mirror without stopping to check it out. as she's 10 years old and not much bigger than a slender 8 year old, she likes the idea of the scar making her look tough. she doesn't seem to realize she already is tough... this is the child who, at 22 months, broke 3 blades off the ceiling fan in her room before deciding she couldn't jump from the top bunk and ride it around and around.

becca's hamster died yesterday afternoon. :( a very tough situation for her and a triggering one for us. harley helped her bury him behind the fence and as they laid him in the ground becca remarked that 'at least mickey can go pee and poop anywhere he wants now.' if that's the concept she got from the rainbow bridge poem, i'm thinking maybe we need to go read it again.

kristen (i have given up trying to remember if she spells it kristie or kristy since she changes it every week and i'm MOM so it's KRISTEN)has blue hair. need i say more?