Wednesday, February 5, 2014

synaptically challenged?


GAH!!!! brainlock!

okay, there are *several* in here with something to say but rather than coming *out* to say it they are instead taking advantage of my being a captive audience and it's like they are all talking at once.

so we're going to try something new... without stopping to ask or expect them to identify themselves (since most are used to answering to marisa anyway, it gets very confusing and pisses some of them off. dr. c has run into that a number of times... "and what's your name?" answered by "marisa, you asshole. if you don't know then what the hell am i doing here?") so i'll *try* to just differentiate between them with a different text effect or something. maybe that way we can get some of this stuff out where it can be sorted thru.

please don't yell. don't be mad at me. i'm sorry. please don't yell.

lock the door please. leave me here and go away. just leave me here and go away. don't look at me.

i didn't know it was bad. he said it was what grown-ups do. i didn't like it. his room smelled like pee. i didn't mean to be bad

assholes! motherfucking assholes! i hate them. should have killed the bitch when i had a chance

this is too much already. it's too hard to try to listen. it brings the emotions too close for comfort.