Tuesday, February 18, 2014

thief and other poems


He came to steal
To kill and destroy
Hiding inside the eyes
Of girls, men and boys
Words sticky sweet
With lies ages old
and strength to force you
To do as you’re told
Come play a game
Come take a dare
It will only tickle
if I touch you there
what will you give me
to be nice to you
it’s all you are for
those things that you do
unending until
she’s left broken and bruised
willing to follow
and see herself used
crying for the small mercy
to end it in death
that one dream she fights for
is all she has left


betrayed again by this body of sin
filled with want and with hunger
only evil within
punishment waits on the edge of a blade
an escape from this hell
my existence has made


death, my friend, be not a dream
if there is mercy, come for me
stop this flow of pain and rage
for this story is on its final page
end it quickly, end it now
show me the way and tell me how
please offer no time for long goodbyes
the fight is done, I can take no more lies
don’t leave me here I beg I plead
just one last ‘I’m sorry’ is all that I need