Wednesday, February 19, 2014

this is not good


still having trouble being steady on my feet. walking like a drunk... just hoping to recover a *little* from yesterday and the shit with daniel's former doc comes up again.

those people are REFUSING to send daniel's records to the pediatrician. why? because DR. E***** C****** of SUMMERVILLE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH was offended that we expected her to move quickly on the transfer of records. she stood there after i mentioned that it should have been taken care of by now, and informed me she had a legal right to hold them for up to 90 days. she is fully aware that daniel is now out of meds and is holding his records hostage because i dared to question the way they handled a situation with daniel several months ago (the reason none of my kids went back there) and had the stupidity to point her finger at me when i did question her and point out that because of MY history with the psychiatric community, I WAS MISUNDERSTANDING the situation and over reacting.

it is not an over reaction to say that she is endangering the welfare of my child by intentionally denying him access to necessary medication.

that bitch is harming my son to make a point to me. there is no lower creature on earth than those who do that to kids. how the hell do i keep from exploding right now?

No one EVER fucks with my kids and she is intentionally harming his physical and mental well being. if this flaming bitch wants a power struggle we will involve our attorney and the news as well as every medical board we can contact. i'll see her license revoked if there is any possible way.

we have to go scream now.