Friday, February 21, 2014

to the guardian of the twins


just want to let you know that no one will be permitted to try talking with the twins without your approval. they do not need to tell of anything they went thru until you decide they are safe.

there is no one left to harm them and no one who can or would take them away. for the first time there is a truly safe place for all the little ones who have been hurt.

i understand that it seems it would be better for the twins to die rather than take the chance that the threats made to them could happen. the twins are not the only small ones hurt. many of them have shared their terror and pain and have not only stayed safe in the telling, but been truly protected and loved. no one wants to lose the twins. they deserve to know what healthy love is instead of the hurtful twisted lie they were taught.

your job is a hard one and you've done it for close to 30 years. you don't have to do this alone anymore. you aren't alone anymore. there are several of us here who know and understand what it's like to hold such terrible secrets for so long.

you don't know any of us and we don't expect you to hand us your trust without testing us or taking time for us to prove the twins are safe.

this diary as well as other writing programs on this computer and countless notebooks around the house are free for you to use at any time you have anything you need or want to say.

thank you for taking care of the twins. thank you for helping all of us by protecting them. thank you for giving us a chance to know you.

marisa and the Crew