Wednesday, February 12, 2014

we actually missed a day!!!


things are a bit better. today is daniel's 8th birthday. he was absolutely thrilled and is exSCREAMly excited. he received a complete model rocket set.... yes, giving pyrotechnic toys to an ADHD child is deranged, but i don't care. *grins* if he doesn't wind up being a lawyer (this kid can argue and find loopholes like no one we've EVER heard of) he'll go into aerospace for certain.

daniel's birthday happens to be the anniversary of the most intense hurricane ever to hit the charleston, sc area... yet another example of God's sense of humor.

very proud of myself for being able to walk into daniel's psych doc's office to ask for and sign the release forms. they are being asses tho. even after being told the information needed to be faxed that day, the pediatrician's office has received nothing. grrrrrr.

*feeling a rant coming on*

before we do that... wanted to mention how dr. c and lyn have responded to this past weeks events. *that's another rant, but a funny one* they were both so PROUD of us. rawr. we're swimming in icky emotions up to our scalp and they're patting us on the back for handling it so well. oh, so it's good that we're emotionally flailing like a fish out of water? well, you and the horse you rode in on pal.

we know it's all good. really, but when you're detailing the incredible shit storm you've suddenly found yourself slammed with, you don't want your therapy team grinning like a cheshire cat!

anyway, lots to write about but need to go make sure daniel's not blowing something up first.